Monday, January 21, 2013

Making a Run For It

Hello there, beautiful people! Kortni Marie Photography has made a run for it! A run for the better, that is! Kortni Marie Photography now has a website and a blog that are bigger and better than EVER!

Come visit and be sure to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds to stay in tuned with Kortni Marie Photography. Don't miss the good stuff!
Today's blog post can be found here :)
-kortni marie

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What To Wear

'Tis the season of photos! And....WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I WEAR!!!???

I can almost see the scene as you stand in front of the array of clothes that fill your closet as thoughts of "I have no clothes," "everything I own is old," "I need to go shopping," fill your head and your heart. And maybe, just maybe, a five year old temper tantrum is thrown? Take a breath and step away from the edge! No reason to panic. What (most likely) billowing in 'over flow mode' from your closet will do wonders! Let's break this down together and find what works to make you look and feel your very best as well as pop out of the photograph.

Use colors and patterns that work well together. Picking clothes that allow for a pop and not just a black shirt with jeans across the board. Use patterns sparingly and patterns that are smaller in size so they do not distract your eye when viewing the photo. Also, avoid large logos. You want to coordinate  versus match.

You want each person in the photo to allow for their individual personalities shine through in their attire. Even using the small things (ie scarves, shoes, accessories, etc) will allow for each person to stand out in their own way and truly be themselves, comfortable and confident, during the shoot.

Dress for Season and Location
Take into account the time of year and the vibe of the location you chose. We don't need pumps to be worn on the beaches of St. Petersburg. You feel me!?

Layers are a great way to create variety without having to allow time for an entire wardrobe change. You can color block, add and take away, and see such a difference with little to no effort.

Keep it Natural
Please, please, please don't show up for a photo shoot in a suit and tie if your regular attire is ratty jeans in a t-shirt. Instead, show up in a dark pair of jeans with a cotton v-neck. Whether engagement photos or family photos, this should be a great representation of who you are without running out the door hair half done and mascara in hand. What do you look like on your best day in the real world? That is how you should dress.

See! Easy, smeasy! You are natural, beautiful, and you! What more could you ask for. Keep referring to this as reference of what to wear during a photo shoot and you can't go wrong!

Until next time...
-kortni marie

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Mayhem I Jesus is Watching

Adults don't battle on the playground. Recess doesn't exist in adulthood, unfortunately. (Don't get me started on that one.) The battlefield for adulthood starts at the refrigerator. Somebody touches my diet coke and the day could go up in flames! People taking people's food, leaving witty notes, and it all begins!

So welcome to adulthood and the competition that it holds. And with that... welcome to Monday.

A better solution???

Better luck today and may your lunch make it to your feeding time.

Until next time...
-kortni marie

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December I Instagram

How do you find the words to describe a month in your life? The emotions that can encompass an entire 31 days are vast. The joy, tears, anxiety, love, peace, loss and the the list can trail off into abyss. So instead, the photos do the talking and I take a back seat and simply thank December for what it was and every emotion it brought to my heart.
Until next time...
-kortni marie

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mayhem I Narrative

Holiday's are over and Monday's just got harder...
And the next National holiday isn't until... wait for it.... MEMORIAL DAY! Let's just say that is forever (and a day) away
So, to make the day better....
See you on the flip side. I have confidence you will all make it to Tuesday morning. Enjoy the day!

Until next time...
-kortni marie

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 I Moments

How does life continue to wow you at the end of each year? The miracles and the paths that God lays out for each of us are astonishing, breath taking, really. From 2011 to 2012 and speeding into 2013...

To describe 2012 in one word is would be "firsts." It was a year of first time runs at some big things in life for a twenty four year old to tackle on her own. I found myself wow-ed that I made it through to be honest. Firsts, they make your heart pound with both excitement and anxiety. For a year of firsts, it was a ride up and down mountain tops with countless peaks and valleys, but definingly (not a word in real life, but I like it) wonderful to say the least. 

And now a look at some moments that make it such a ride.
Snorkling with the manatees. These 300 Ton animals in their calm and sweet nature, and to cuddle up right next to them goes on the bucket list. To answer your question... YES, the water was cold.

I landed my very first big girl job and proud of it! I felt like I had accomplished the world and God came through at the moment when I felt that I had truly lost it. So here, proudly employed on my very first day of my very first real life job to be a real live person.
Turning be big 2-4 and having my family and some wonderful friends by my side to celebrate with. Just warning you.... 25 is this year and a quarter life crisis might be on the horizon?
I officially  became an official Floridian. My Indiana plates gave way to an orange in the middle of my white plate (only to clash with my awesomely awesome red cruiser). But while my plates read Florida, Indiana will always ALWAYS be home in my heart.
First trip back to Indiana as an employed woman and was honored to celebrate the wedding of one of my dearest friends and stand by her side as she married the man of her dreams and fearless leader.
First Miami Trip! But more importantly, my dear friend, Kelly, moved to the bustling city and I had the chance to spend a sweet weekend in the tiki bar and the board walks of Miami with her.
Family Vacations are my favorite. They hold so many memories. As we have all gotten older and let the spontaneity in our souls take charge we found ourselves in the mountains of Colorado climbing the most decadent paths.
The moment the plane landed from the mountains of Colorado, I was packing my bags to move into this beauty with two pretty amazing women that I am honored to call friends. Welcome to our home.
Very first Farmer's Market with rows and rows of the most beautifully colored fruits and veggies. Roaming the streets and taking in the atmosphere, I felt at home.
Moving into a home in a neighborhood means TRICK OR TREATERS! For the first time in our lives, we were able to be the sweet hosts to friends and kid'os to share the festivities with.
Home for Thanksgiving and what a blessing it was. We were able to spend some serious quality time as a family and make our way downtown Indianapolis for the Celebration of lights as the city became packed with thousands of people to sing the songs telling us that Jesus is the reason for the season.
Did you know that you can run outside in shorts and a t-shirt in December in Florida!??? My mind is still blown... Downtown St. Petersburg, participating in the Happiest 5K on the planet, the Color Run.

And with that.... we have the year 2012. A year of firsts. A year of trials and triumphs. A year filled with tears of joy and tears of defeat. A year that has taught me more than I could have every imagined. God was gracious with me. God was good as He always has been. What a year. Thank you for your love. Without each of you, I would be lost.

Cheers to what 2013 has to offer and the roads God will lead me down. I hope your year has started off on the right foot. Face each day like a champ and know that there is purpose and joy in every day.

Until next time...
-kortni marie

Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Mayhem - - - Seeing the Good

2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is just hours away. You can look back and see the most joyous moments and the moments that made you want to poke your eye balls out. All in all, I hope 2012 was the best year yet. I hope you have found the joy in your everyday life and not misery in the morning drive to work through piles of traffic. It was a good year right!? It was a year of laughing at your own ridiculousness and feeling accomplished in even the smallest things and loving and being loved by those around you. A year of risks and believing in yourself. A year that you will always remember.

So, to 2013. Let's do this!

Bring on the joys and the trials and the tears of laughter and of sorrow. Bring on the days that will shape us into the person we need to be tomorrow. Bring it all on and may God continue to guide your path and whatever the year may bring. So, yes, Let's do this!

Happy New Years Eve! Enjoy the Mayhem of the good stuff.

Until next time...
-kortni marie